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Crunchyroll Fullscreen script/app v2.0 is here!

Written by Arujei on . Posted in Applications, Crunchyroll, Latest, News, Newsflash, Newsflashes

Well Crunchyroll is still a big part of my Anime and K-Drama addition. Probably why it has taken me so long to push out this update. Mainly because I tend to keep delaying because it can always be better. Well no more. I have created a Github repo for CR Fullscreen and any changes I make will go there including the latest update:

2.0 release source can be found at:
Newest release compiled can be found here:

For those that have no idea what this for. If you use Crunchyroll and their autoplay every new ep goes to a new page causing it to pop out of fullscreen. That was annoying to me so I solved it for my own viewing pleasure by making a script that detects when you are not in fullscreen and just clicks the button for you. Windows only sorry my other OS brethren. ( I use other OSes, but not to view anime :/.)

Version Notes
Version: 2.0 (Release: 28 March 2014)
Replace looping with a timer.
Replaced pausing the script with stopping and starting the timer.
Added Sleep timer of intervals between 5-300 mins.
(Simply uses spacebar to pause video after timer expires.)
Added Shutdown timer similar to sleep timer, but shuts PC off in 60 seconds.
- Note: uses forced shutdown. "shutdown -f -s -t 60"
Added more notes for those interested on what I am doing.
Simple loop script window using image detection.