I personally want to thank everyone that has helped and donated in the past. I been working steadily and can keep stuff going now. Websites cost time and money and I appreciate any help in at least the money portion. Donations are still welcome since we don’t make any money of the websites hosted here. Strapped for cash? Still want to help? Help get the word out of my latest project: – The most expensive website in the world. Are you on it?

It’s a social media project we are trying to get running while doing what we can to give back as well.

All donations will go towards our hosting bill via the Dreamhost donation program. ($10.00 min. smaller donation link further below.)

Donate towards my web hosting bill! provides hosting for many other sites for free. Mainly for friends and acquaintances that need a host and someone that knows what they are doing if something goes wrong. I also host my applications here. Your donation will help me keep everything running and not worry about my bill.

Smaller donations:

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