Another one of those I’m still alive posts. What have I been up to?

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Well, I haven’t stopped doing what I like normally doing which is programming and bingeing on Anime. I just haven’t made any apps/scripts that I would think anyone else would find useful. Though that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new you can’t view.

We recently released a new project from MostXPS called Tic Tac Po (

Tic Tac Po is a game based on Tic Tac Toe hosted on Youtube ( You watch Po make his move and using the annotation on Youtube you make your move. This will check with our website play Po’s next move. Repeat until you either win, lose, or cats(tie).

Back in September I finally went to Japan. As much as a fanboy I am you’d think I’d have been there a few times already. Well now that I have gone, I’m going to remedy that. I am going back this September for a little over 2 months.
Well to finish this update up, I am happy and well. I have been keeping myself busy and hopefully, in the future, I’ll release another application that you might find useful. Here’s a few pictures :D.

Crunchyroll Fullscreen script/app v2.0 is here!

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Well Crunchyroll is still a big part of my Anime and K-Drama addition. Probably why it has taken me so long to push out this update. Mainly because I tend to keep delaying because it can always be better. Well no more. I have created a Github repo for CR Fullscreen and any changes I make will go there including the latest update:

2.0 release source can be found at:
Newest release compiled can be found here:

For those that have no idea what this for. If you use Crunchyroll and their autoplay every new ep goes to a new page causing it to pop out of fullscreen. That was annoying to me so I solved it for my own viewing pleasure by making a script that detects when you are not in fullscreen and just clicks the button for you. Windows only sorry my other OS brethren. ( I use other OSes, but not to view anime :/.)

Version Notes
Version: 2.0 (Release: 28 March 2014)
Replace looping with a timer.
Replaced pausing the script with stopping and starting the timer.
Added Sleep timer of intervals between 5-300 mins.
(Simply uses spacebar to pause video after timer expires.)
Added Shutdown timer similar to sleep timer, but shuts PC off in 60 seconds.
- Note: uses forced shutdown. "shutdown -f -s -t 60"
Added more notes for those interested on what I am doing.
Simple loop script window using image detection.

Still pushing for donations.

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Well first off I’d like to thank all those that have helped out. Every little bit helps. Thank you very much. Those that can’t, like I’ve said don’t worry I’ll figure something out. Secondly I’d love to thank my host. DreamHost they have been awesome and keep pushing my due date back instead of killing our services. We been with them for over 6 years now and hopefully we can meet the mid December date. Continuing to pimp out my host the discount code ArujeiIsBroke will get you 10 bucks off any plan you choose. If you need hosting I would really recommend them. I can count the times I needed to talk to support in one had. Most of the it was just stuff I needed them to change that I didn’t have access to.

Now the reason I’m still pushing for donations from people that are hosted and use the sites and probably why DreamHost has been extra accommodating is that I am now unemployed on my UI and burning what little of my savings and severance I received. With a looming Mortgage bill, I’m sure you can understand why I couldn’t use any money to pay it. Obviously, I’ve cut down on day to day expenses and I’m fortunate that my main forms of entertainment have been paid for a year’s worth of service. Ok I’m cutting myself a little short here. I am happy and I am fortunate. Even in my current situation I do not lose faith that everything will turn out well.

Edit: Donations links to the left. Will still <3 ya long time. ~Arujei P.S. I still <3 you all, donations or not ;).


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