Just blogging to get thoughts in order. Part Duex.

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Almost a year has passed since I was contemplating getting projects done and trying to move forward. I think I am finally moving forward. I’m still working on getting things done, but I feel I am on the right path. I hope to write more often and maybe post completed works in the future. I am currently working 12 week program with a book called “The Artists Way” though I am not done with the 12 week program ( currently on week 4) I feel that I have been making progress and and I am finally heading in the right direction.

Well I’ll keep posting since writing is a good thing :).

Bordie 1.0.1 Released.

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The DFOResizer has gotten a major code change. Enough to rename it. The new incarnation of this application called Bordie now allows you to use it on any game or windows program you want. Full screen applications AKA games must be running in windowed mode. It will allow you have a bordered or borderless window and stretch it to any size you see fit. At a later time I will post more information and pictures on how to use it. For now I’m off to play some FFXIV.

Basic use:
Enter the EXACT name of the window you wish to resize in the config. That includes capitalization.

When you select a resolution it will remove the boarder at the same time. If you wish to have the border click on the same resolution again or the Title bar button.

Just blogging to get thoughts in order.

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I normally don’t blog anymore. Not that I did blog much before. At this point I’m trying to figure out what I want to do. Arujei.com was meant as a portal to host my finished projects and to host new projects as I work on them. There are several things I want to work on and I just haven’t started on any one project. The motivation to get something done just isn’t there.  I have some joint projects that keep getting put off as well.

This website and my other website http://animekingdom.net need some reworking. I’ve only been doing the necessary work to keep the websites working. I stopped working on the Mabi Alarm rewrite since someone had released something doing everything I intended to put on mine. I keep doing random mods and scripting that I haven’t released because of various reasons. I even have a slightly update DFO sitting around that I haven’t tested much yet.

I been messing around with sever stuff lately. I setup some Left 4 Dead 2 severs for use with a steam group/guild I’m a part of. Setting up and breaking down servers just to see what I can get going. I’m pretty much just idling around doing anything that seems remotely interesting to me, but not really getting anything done.

I feel that I should get some of those joint projects done. At least those relevant to my current career path. That may help me get focused and figure out what I “need” to get done and eventually work up to what I want to get done. Once I get started I do get it done. Problem is getting started Foot in mouth.