DFO Resizer v1.1

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Quick update with the DFO Resizer. Pushing upto v1.1

  • Fixed the restore button. Now it restores to the exact crap-a-licious 640×480 resolution. Don’t know why I care but I do things like that.
  • Added a Hide button to hide the window. You can still access from the system tray icon.
  • Added a Title Bar toggle. Yes now you can toggle your title bar and over your window.

I’ve had a report of Windows Vista incompatibility.  I don’t have vista installed for various reasons. If enough demand comes up I’ll see about getting it installed for testing.

Protip: make sure you are in window mode! //window is your friend.



update from tips and notes below:

It appears that this app does work in Win7 and Vista. A few tips that I
have seen are as follows:

Make sure you are in //window mode.
Try running as
Administrator. (Right-click and select Run as Administrator.)

So, I Finally
built a new pc Win7. Plus I fixed the issues on current PC. Now only if I could
manage my time correctly I could give DFO another run. Maybe some improvements
to this in the future. Though it does depend on which game sways me to play it
more. Aion Mabinogi been wining this battle as of late.

Dungeon Fighter Online Resizer.

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Been a while since I wrote something useful enough to post. One of the complaints of a new game I been playing Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) is that your window mode size is 800 x 600. Now that’s annoying. Quick fix is just a small app that resizes the window. Not changing anything in the game just the using some windows functions that resize the window. No screenies no faq no readme its pretty straight foward. This will not change the resolution in full screen it just resizes the window plain an simple. Ok kiddies go back to playing.

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P.S. post bugs or issues here.

Mabinogi Alarm Clock 1.2.1 Update.

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Quick bug fix. Thanks Fi for letting me know :D.

Recent Update Notes.
V1.2.1 – Quick update to fix the hour not
saving on the second alarm. Also updated the
saving feature to save the time you set even
if the alarm is unset.

Its Arujei again with another update. I been playing Mabinogi again so you can drop me a note or whatever. This is also why I may have been motivated to update oh well. Straight from the update notes.

Recent Update Notes
V1.2 – Added Save functionality for each of
the alarms. If an alarm is save well set it
will keep those settings the next time it
starts. Small modifications to the code were
made to accommodate to this but there should
not affect the alarm. Updated for efficiency.

V1.1 – Added Options to be able to switch
Daylight Savings Time to match server. << This also had save functionality for those settings.