Crunchyroll videos go fullscreen with a new script/app.

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Ok, so no fancy names. I got tired when viewing a series that I had to get up and use the mouse to click on the fullscreen. So I just made a quick script using what I learned with Bordie and other scripts/apps I’ve written. This one is so simple it only has an icon in the taskbar and no config file. Its just a script and bmp image. This will take your Crunchyroll videos fullscreen when watching more than one video. I am also including the script for those that want to see it.

NameSecure increasing prices without telling anymore and more shenanigans.

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I was very happy with Name Secure for around 10 years. There have been scandals and small price hikes(that at least came with a warning, explanation, and some form of apology at least when I talked to customer service). I never once had an issue with DNS and even when my domain registration expired they kept it going for much longer than any other registrar would. They wouldn’t use your domain as free advertisement space for themselves (I’m pointing my finger at you GoDaddy.). The only reason I ever emailed support was because of something I couldn’t do via their system and I think I’ve only contacted for help once in all the time I’ve been with them. In other words I was very happy. I send business to them and I took all my business to them. That ended a few months ago.

New fun toy to play with. Rainmeter

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I’ve never seen rainmeter before. Its no customizable and has so much information you can track and display. Don’t really want to sit here and explain in details o give a the site a visit. For those that deal with software its a CMS for your desktop. Some of you may know I <3 cute stuff and when I saw this I couldn’t go with out setting it up on my pc. Now I didn’t realize how big it was till I had placed it on my desktop. As much as I love cute I couldn’t have it take up much space so I just poked around the files and found that it was easy to work with and modify to show the information I wanted and make it smaller. I am impressed and now I’ll have to poke around rainmeter sites for a while.