Using Google’s Xpath scraping with ebay for average cost.

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Well with Christmas shopping/selling on the way sometimes I like to get the average cost of something that has sold on ebay. Well instead of doing all that math of copy everything I see sold and dividing it by the number of items I copied. I went ahead and scrapped their data into a Google apps spreadsheet to get the answer.

Its easy to do.

1. Go to ebay search for something you want the average price on. Make sure you check “completed listings” within the “buying formats” preferences.

2. Once you get the results you want copy ebay address in your address bar.

3. Either open the Google spreadsheet here and replace the ebay address with your’s.

3b. Or you can make your spreadsheet and copy and paste this. Replacing the ebay address in quotes with your’s.

=average(ImportXML("","//div[@class='g-b bidsold']"))

Even though it goes off the page you can still copy it just fine :3


P.S. take a look at:
This is where I got the basic information on how to grab the data way back when I first found out about this.

Still pushing for donations.

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Well first off I’d like to thank all those that have helped out. Every little bit helps. Thank you very much. Those that can’t, like I’ve said don’t worry I’ll figure something out. Secondly I’d love to thank my host. DreamHost they have been awesome and keep pushing my due date back instead of killing our services. We been with them for over 6 years now and hopefully we can meet the mid December date. Continuing to pimp out my host the discount code ArujeiIsBroke will get you 10 bucks off any plan you choose. If you need hosting I would really recommend them. I can count the times I needed to talk to support in one had. Most of the it was just stuff I needed them to change that I didn’t have access to.

Now the reason I’m still pushing for donations from people that are hosted and use the sites and probably why DreamHost has been extra accommodating is that I am now unemployed on my UI and burning what little of my savings and severance I received. With a looming Mortgage bill, I’m sure you can understand why I couldn’t use any money to pay it. Obviously, I’ve cut down on day to day expenses and I’m fortunate that my main forms of entertainment have been paid for a year’s worth of service. Ok I’m cutting myself a little short here. I am happy and I am fortunate. Even in my current situation I do not lose faith that everything will turn out well.

Edit: Donations links to the left. Will still <3 ya long time. ~Arujei P.S. I still <3 you all, donations or not ;).

Please Donate.

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Never thought I’d be posting this on any of my sites. Over the years I been fortunate enough that I can pay my hosting bill without issues. Never had the need for advertisements nor requested that anyone chip in for me hosting them. I guess there is a time for everything. I’m not too sure as to why I didn’t ask earlier on knowing that I won’t be able to cover this. Maybe ego or pride (same diff). I guess I did pride myself on being able to keep things ad/donation free even if I had dig deep or find other ways to get my hosting taking cared of. So now I humbly ask of those I host, those that use my applications, and anyone who sees this. Please donate, any amount will help.


All donations will go towards our hosting bill via the Dreamhost donation program. ($10.00 min. smaller donation link further below.)

Donate towards my web hosting bill!


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