My other project.

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Onward to sharing! I’ll keep this short. I been working on this project with my buddy for a couple of years now and we are now moving on the social phase. Please share, like this facebook post below and our facebook page! More info as part of this message. 100% serious business cause I shaved well as serious as I get.

Time for an upgrade.

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Happy New Year 2014! – Yes I am alive.

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There are many things that are good that happened. Many challenges that became good lessons. Many lessons that helped me get past my challenges. I lucked out with an amazballz job that lets me do what I normally for shits and giggles. 2013 it was fun while it lasted. 2014 looking forward to greeting you. Let’s keep this pace going and continuously trucking along like I been doing through bumpy and smooths roads to come. I got my pit crew with me and they kick ass so I’m not worried.

As for my site and coding, well I’m still working on stuff. I have an updated crunchyroll script and yes I will share the code. There are other things in the works, but since I been avoiding the mmos and most grindy games I haven’t had the need to write tools many of the ones I have written still work or have been depreciated with updates that fix the issues which is a good thing. There is a new website theme which I put in already just needs some tweaking and updated logo which I am making as a vector. I will work towards getting more code up and I really want to be working on art so I will put an effort to drawing not just on paper, but on digital. Maybe I can justify the monoprice cintiq knock off for that 🙂 might help that transition for me, since I can’t disconnect myself from my drawing tablet to screen.


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