Bordie 1.0.1 Released.

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The DFOResizer has gotten a major code change. Enough to rename it. The new incarnation of this application called Bordie now allows you to use it on any game or windows program you want. Full screen applications AKA games must be running in windowed mode. It will allow you have a bordered or borderless window and stretch it to any size you see fit. At a later time I will post more information and pictures on how to use it. For now I’m off to play some FFXIV.

Basic use:
Enter the EXACT name of the window you wish to resize in the config. That includes capitalization.

When you select a resolution it will remove the boarder at the same time. If you wish to have the border click on the same resolution again or the Title bar button.

DFO Resizer v1.2

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Discontinued! Please use Bordie.

Finally got around to to releasing update for the DFO Resizer. Pushing upto v1.2

  • Title Bar toggle is gone. Not needed anymore since they did fix that by allowing your the bar that pops up.
  • Added a Window Mode and Full Screen buttons. These buttons will create or delete the zo3mo4 folder in the default location c:\nexon\dfo\. It will not detect your install at this point. I will have this in sometime in the future.
  • Added a Start DFO button. This will take you to the game start page. If you are logged already it will start the game. If you are not logged in you will be prompted by the DFO website like it normally does for your login details.
  • Cleaned up some stuff and compressed the executable to reduce its size.

Protip: make sure you are in window mode! //window and the Window Mode are your friends.



P.S.: I have been poking around DFO. <3 the gunner gal. Mabi still has me by a cajones though :X.
P.P.S.: Mabi no longer has me by the cajones, FFXIV does. Updated with guide link below thanks Juri. (DFO Resizer is nolonger Supported.)
DFO Resizer Guide by Juri Licious
P.P.P.S.: When I get to it I’ll DL DFO again to try it with Bordie, then release a combined DFO config + bordie.

DFO Resizer v1.1

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Quick update with the DFO Resizer. Pushing upto v1.1

  • Fixed the restore button. Now it restores to the exact crap-a-licious 640×480 resolution. Don’t know why I care but I do things like that.
  • Added a Hide button to hide the window. You can still access from the system tray icon.
  • Added a Title Bar toggle. Yes now you can toggle your title bar and over your window.

I’ve had a report of Windows Vista incompatibility.  I don’t have vista installed for various reasons. If enough demand comes up I’ll see about getting it installed for testing.

Protip: make sure you are in window mode! //window is your friend.



update from tips and notes below:

It appears that this app does work in Win7 and Vista. A few tips that I
have seen are as follows:

Make sure you are in //window mode.
Try running as
Administrator. (Right-click and select Run as Administrator.)

So, I Finally
built a new pc Win7. Plus I fixed the issues on current PC. Now only if I could
manage my time correctly I could give DFO another run. Maybe some improvements
to this in the future. Though it does depend on which game sways me to play it
more. Aion Mabinogi been wining this battle as of late.


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