Crunchyroll videos go fullscreen with a new script/app.

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Ok, so no fancy names. I got tired when viewing a series that I had to get up and use the mouse to click on the fullscreen. So I just made a quick script using what I learned with Bordie and other scripts/apps I’ve written. This one is so simple it only has an icon in the taskbar and no config file. Its just a script and bmp image. This will take your Crunchyroll videos fullscreen when watching more than one video. I am also including the script for those that want to see it.

Bordie Config file for Dungeon Fighter Online

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Ok so I have been hearing that the new update of Dungeon Fighter Online wasn’t playing nice with my old DFO resizer. Well DFO resizer was dropped a while back for Bordie. They are pretty much the same thing. Only Bordie was designed to be used with any game or software. Switch your game to Window mode and select your resolution.

dfoBordieConfig In order to use this config file you need to place it in the same directory as Bordie.



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