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Mabinogi Alarm Clock v1.0 Released

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I have been working on a small scripting project. Though I should be working on other stuff too -_-;. Either way I’d like to share it. It was originally made for me and for the guild I’m in Onigiri (go check out out 😉 Mabinogi Alarm Clock is a clock based on the game world time of Mabinogi a online free MMO. This allows you two alarms each with its own audio sound.


Mabinogi Alarm

Mabi Alarm Tray

Mabi Alarm

Drop me a line on Mari server IGN: Arujei with any comments or bug reports.


Why is my time wrong or off?

You need to make sure your system time is correct. If it is not your Mabi Alarm will not function correctly.
Visit: and download their atomic clock sync program this will keep your system up-to-date.

Range Murata Razr V3 images

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Range Murata Razr V3 images. Startup, shutdown, screen saver, wallpaper, and CL images.

Range Murata Razr V3 images.

Range Murata Startup


Range Murata Shutdown


Range Murata Wallpaper


Range Murata Screensaver


Range Murata CL (outer LCD)



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