Welcome, my little corner of the internet. I’m known to be a happy go lucky upbeat average John that’s a Jack of all trades and a master of few too many. I’ll go on about anime, games, other fandoms, development, technology, and other random stuff. Can never have enough figures that I find cute :3. I’m a fairly laid back person and on occasion require my recharge time away from crowds.

In the fandom realm I work with conventions in So Cal. I either help run them or advise in some form. Sometimes I end up just helping out. A group of friends and I recently started a new convention in San Diego. It was quite a bit of work, but very rewarding to work with the community down there.

For the day job, I’m a developer and do pretty much anything in the web development world. I do dabble in side jobs and other business ventures.

Another chunk of my time, I spend trying to be a good pet parent. I have an older Boxer and a Long-haired Chihuahua pup. Though I have dogs, I like all animals even humans.

The rest of time, I am on an anime binge or trying to catch up on my mountain of video games. I play RPGs, MMOs, sim, music, MOBAs (mainly LoL), and random games my friends have me join up. I like doing game nights to play video, card, or board games all night with good company or at least tolerable people.

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  • Will


    Wow man, this is the most awesome sample page ever!


    • Arujei


      hahahahaah yeah never got to actually making my about page. I guess I should.


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