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Another one of those I’m still alive posts. What have I been up to?

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Well, I haven’t stopped doing what I like normally doing which is programming and bingeing on Anime. I just haven’t made any apps/scripts that I would think anyone else would find useful. Though that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new you can’t view.

We recently released a new project from MostXPS called Tic Tac Po (

Tic Tac Po is a game based on Tic Tac Toe hosted on Youtube ( You watch Po make his move and using the annotation on Youtube you make your move. This will check with our website play Po’s next move. Repeat until you either win, lose, or cats(tie).

Back in September I finally went to Japan. As much as a fanboy I am you’d think I’d have been there a few times already. Well now that I have gone, I’m going to remedy that. I am going back this September for a little over 2 months.
Well to finish this update up, I am happy and well. I have been keeping myself busy and hopefully, in the future, I’ll release another application that you might find useful. Here’s a few pictures :D.


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