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Crunchyroll Fullscreen script/app v2.1 small update (bug fixes)

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Well I fixed an issue I was having with Chrome and while chatting with a con buddy and looking at his laptop screen I realized that the script wouldn’t detect his button if we ran it. The smaller screen placed the button further down the page. So here it is.

2.1 release and source can be found at:
Version: 2.1 (Release: 28 August 2014)

For those that have no idea what this for. If you use Crunchyroll and their autoplay every new ep goes to a new page causing it to pop out of fullscreen. That was annoying to me so I solved it for my own viewing pleasure by making a script that detects when you are not in fullscreen and just clicks the button for you. Windows only sorry my other OS brethren. ( I use other OSes, but not to view anime :/.)

Version Notes
Version: 2.1 (Release: 28 August 2014)
Fixed the issue where it will click itself out of fullscreen in chrome.
Added scroll down between failures of not finding the button to scroll the screen down for those smaller screens as a quick fix.
Reduced area of detection to just the Crunchyroll browser window.
Replace looping with a timer.
Replaced pausing the script with stopping and starting the timer.
Added Sleep timer of intervals between 5-300 mins.
(Simply uses spacebar to pause video after timer expires.)
Added Shutdown timer similar to sleep timer, but shuts PC off in 60 seconds.
- Note: uses forced shutdown. "shutdown -f -s -t 60"
Added more notes for those interested on what I am doing.
Simple loop script window using image detection.


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