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Never thought I’d be posting this on any of my sites. Over the years I been fortunate enough that I can pay my hosting bill without issues. Never had the need for advertisements nor requested that anyone chip in for me hosting them. I guess there is a time for everything. I’m not too sure as to why I didn’t ask earlier on knowing that I won’t be able to cover this. Maybe ego or pride (same diff). I guess I did pride myself on being able to keep things ad/donation free even if I had dig deep or find other ways to get my hosting taking cared of. So now I humbly ask of those I host, those that use my applications, and anyone who sees this. Please donate, any amount will help.


All donations will go towards our hosting bill via the Dreamhost donation program. ($10.00 min. smaller donation link further below.)

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Smaller donations:

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    […] Arujei – Last but not least, and certainly the most important. Arujei has given me a place to host my blog and the ever accumulating posts that write themselves as I go through my daily life. All this time, he has hosted my site completely free out of the goodness of his heart. While my funds are currently strapped as a pre-medical student, I encourage anyone to please donate to him so that he may continue to host my site, as well as the number of others that he looks after. (Click his name to be taken to a secure DreamHost donation form). […]


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