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Patcher updated new version 1.2.0 introduces advanced mode.

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Once again I found a few bugs and also felt I had some missing functionality. This time around I added an advanced mode that will allow selection of specific mods/patches. In regular mode, everything still works as before. Hit the jump for more info.

Let me go into a little more detail on the new functionality. I’ve done my best to keep is simple and yet give you a bit more control. In my previous examples you have 3 folders.

1. Patch folder – where all your patch files are with the same file structure of what you are trying to patch.
2. The Origin folder where the original files reside.
3. The Backup folder where the original files are copied to for safe keeping.

In advanced mode the above pretty much remains the same. The only difference is within the Patch folder. In this folder you can have other sub folders to separate your patches. For Example:

C:\patches\model mod v1\
C:\patches\voice mod v1\
C:\patches\sound mod v1\

You would see this in advanced mode.
Advanced Mode 1

Only checked patches will be used. As a precautionary measure when backing up all files that could be changed from available patches will be backuped. If you add new patches to the patch folder you can use the Restore, Backup and Patch button that will do exactly that. It will restore from backup, then backup all the files that could be changed, and finally patch.

Is it still missing a little something? As always feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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