Patcher 1.0.0! Patches stuff!?!

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Patcher 1.0.0 released! I haven’t been creative with my names as of late. 😐 or ever, but whatever. So this is for you if want to easily replace files in an application yet keep a back up of the files you change. And just as easily restore those changed files.

For example you have a different set of models for your favorite game to make your epic warrior look like something totally different.

So you manually copy files from your backup drive
And toss them into

You play you have fun. A new patch fixing that pesky crash comes out. You don’t want to mess up the patch with your custom files so you restore from backup.

Then you repeat the patch process.

Lots of copa pasta or draggy droppy. Well patcher when properly configured will do all that in a push of a button. Including only backing up the files you change saving you quite a bit of space.

Example config:

That’s pretty much it. Hope someone finds this useful. I do ;).

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