New fun toy to play with. Rainmeter

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I’ve never seen rainmeter before. Its no customizable and has so much information you can track and display. Don’t really want to sit here and explain in details o give a the site a visit. For those that deal with software its a CMS for your desktop. Some of you may know I <3 cute stuff and when I saw this I couldn't go with out setting it up on my pc. Now I didn't realize how big it was till I had placed it on my desktop. As much as I love cute I couldn't have it take up much space so I just poked around the files and found that it was easy to work with and modify to show the information I wanted and make it smaller. I am impressed and now I'll have to poke around rainmeter sites for a while.
Well here’s a modified version of the above skin.
I didn’t do much to it other than making it smaller and rearranging the data to my liking.

I’d like to thank the people over at for posting the things they do and I’d like to thank Anz17th for this rainmeter skin.

In a time where I been questioning my creativity finding some nice to play with is a bonus.

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